Join us at the library on 13 Dec 2015 and 31 Jan 2016!  Visit for details by clicking on the EVENT button!  We are going to eventually create a new robust EP21 webpage, but the focus of EP21 can be found in the FREE blogs below which are being hosted by SLI on behalf of EP21.

The blog and EP21 are intended to inspire you to do better because you now know better.

Scholarships are everywhere, so take control and plug into whomever you need to in order to enhance your chance of getting scholarships!  Enjoy this motivational blog and tell others about it! Develop habits that lead to your goals and have the confidence that you can make college affordable!

♦ ♦

The Minnie Piper Stevens foundation provides great free input into scholarship tips and techniques. The link to the site can be found at:

The link to the 10 Things You Gotta Know About Paying for College can be found at:

The link to the site to help you understand the relationship between your degree and your lifestyle can be found at:

All the aforementioned papers and books can get you off to a fast start. I’ll be teaching from them during the school year as I do FREE seminars throughout America.  So let’s get busy!

I’m told that I have a tendency to over-give, but I want you to succeed. So don’t take this information for granted!

Maj Betz (also known as America’s Scholarship Doctor)

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